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Engine Test Cell

Location: Engine Test Cell
GLE- 2307

The engine test cell is used by the Formula SAE Racing Team to test and tune engine packages for the Formula SAE racecar. A DC motor dynamometer is used to measure engine performance when different parameters of the engine are varied. Students on the Formula SAE Team have written LabVIEW data acquisition software to measure and log the engine's performance. The Formula Team has used the lab to calibrate a variety of engines, ranging from high-performance 4-cylinder engines to fuel-efficient single cylinder engines.

In addition to testing engines, the Engine Test Cell has been used to by the Formula SAE team to develop the braking system of the Formula car. The DC motor is used to drive a brake rotor and the data acquisition software collects information about brake line pressure, pad temperature, and rotor temperature. The measured data is used to correlate theoretical analysis with the actual performance of components.  Dr. Alan Nye manages this lab.


  • 120-HP DC Motor Dynamometer
  • National-Instruments data acquisition equipment
  • Ventilation and cooling system
  • Benchtop working space

Siemens, Department of Mechanical Engineering,  RIT Formula SAE Racing Team provide funding for this lab.

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