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Curricular Options

Students may select a number of course options to gain specialized study in a particular discipline of mechanical engineering. Options include aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, bioengineering, and energy and environment. Participation in one of these options is not required. However, they are offered for those students who seek to pursue a career in one of these specialized fields of mechanical engineering. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 within the option sequence of courses to remain in the option. The degree requires students to complete four technical electives and three free electives.

Students may elect to complete the program without an option and instead customize their academic study in support of their career plans. The mechanical engineering program is relatively flexible and allows students to pursue options, minors, and even multiple degrees.

Aerospace Engineering
The aerospace engineering option allows for specialized study in the engineering aspects of air- and space-borne vehicles and starts with a course introducing students to the aerospace field. The sequence starts in the third year with students taking a variety of electives focused on aerospace. In addition, students choosing this option are expected to work on an aerospace engineering design project in Senior Design I and II and to pursue co-op employment in a related field. 


Automotive Engineering
The automotive engineering option offers a series of specialized technical and free elective courses during the fourth and fifth years that provides an introduction to vehicle power plants, dynamics, and control systems. In addition, students choosing this concentration are expected to work on an automotive senior design in the fifth year and to pursue co-op employment in a related field.


The bioengineering option provides an introduction to engineering sciences and design based upon a foundation of biological sciences. The course sequence starts with a biological science elective, which counts as a free elective. Students choosing this option are expected to work on a bioengineering design project in their fifth year and to pursue co-op employment in a related field.


Energy and Environment
This option consists of electives that provide students with exposure to a wide range of opportunities and careers associated with energy-intensive systems and how they relate to the environment. This option increases the number of opportunities students have for careers in the fields of building energy systems, alternative and renewable energy, and direct energy conversion. Students choosing this option are expected to work on an energy systems design project in senior design and to pursue co-op employment in a related field.



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