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Nano-Science and Engineering

The integration of entire systems into micron-scale devices and the sensing technology to interface these devices to the real world is and will be core disciplines required for next generation technology. Within the past decade, microsystems (micro-optical, micro-electrical, and micro-mechanical systems) have emerged as a critical technology worldwide. Simply stated, a microsystem is an ensemble of integrated components, the functionality of which derives from micron-size (or smaller) elements that collectively perform mechanical, electrical, optical, logical, and even biological functions.  It is an enabling technology that will add functionality to and reduce the cost of many product applications, particularly in the areas of telecommunications, imaging, electronics, and biomedical diagnostics and treatment.

RIT’s Ph.D. in microsystems engineering is the first of its kind in the world and builds on our unique clean-room and research laboratories, our faculty expertise in photonic, imaging and micro-power, and our collaborative relationships with industry and government. Students with excellent credentials in the physical sciences and engineering do well in this multidisciplinary program.

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