Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics, and Fuel Cell Laboratory

Co-op Alumni

Andrew Greeley

Andrew Greeley was a 4th year Dual-Degree Mechanical Engineering student. Summer 2013 was his first co-op with the Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics and Fuel Cell Lab. He worked on various flow and pool boiling experiments, with future plans to work on fuel cells.

Andy White

Andy was a co-op student working on fuel cell related research.

Beverly Liriano

She was a fourth year mechanical engineering student when she completed her co-op in spring 2013-2014. She worked on various projects in the fuel cell area. First, she finished the testing of the different parameters for the in-situ project. Then, she proceeded in designing and building a different testing procedure to better analyze the physics of the two-phase flow in the experiments. She worked with the Photon high-speed camera and MATLAB to analyze the data collected during the testing phase.

Camila Gomez

Camila Gomez Serrano was a Dual Degree student entering her third year in RIT’s Mechanical Engineering program. She began working in the TAμFL in summer 2012 under an award by the Center for Student Innovation and she joined the lab in summer 2013 thanks to a research grant by the National Science Foundation. Her main project has been Flow Boiling in micro-channels. Through preliminary testing, experimental parameters and materials were determined for the new set-up. Currently, she performed the final calibration for the automation of the main components for a faster, safer and more efficient set-up. She plans to continue working in the lab through the rest of her RIT career, further investigating flow boiling.

Carmen Azzaretti

Carmen Azzaretti was an BS Mechanical Engineering student who joined the lab in the spring of 2013. She concentrated mainly in machine shop work but also developed and manufactured a new pool boiling set up for the thermal analysis lab.

Charles Schillberg

Charles began working at the TAMFL in the Fall of 2006 as a co-op student during his fourth year as a BS/MS Mechanical Engineering student. He worked on water management studies in PEM fuel cells, specifically water droplet dynamics.

Christen Gillis

Christen Gillis is a student of mechanical engineering technology entering his junior year at RIT. During the first Co-Op of his with the lab, he has had the opportunity to explore the micro-fabrication of parts and tools needed to aid in the assembly and testing of various on going projects in the labs. He has made the most of this opportunity by gaining experience with traditional and non-traditional manufacturing machines.

Christopher Donnelly

Chris Donnelly is a dual degree student entering his third year in RIT’s mechanical engineering program this fall. He began working in TAμFL in June 2010 as his first co-op. His main project has been infrared imaging of flow boiling. Using a high speed infrared camera and a large power source he filmed the heat transfer of nucleation events. He plans to continue working in the lab through the academic year, further investigating flow boiling. His other work includes continuation of current roughness experiments, and some design and machining of parts.

Julian Peters

Julian Peters graduated from RIT in 2006 with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in the TAMFL lab as a co-op during the summer of 2006.

Matt Benedict

Matt Benedict joined the team in December of 2006 to assist with the fuel cell research funded by the US Department of Energy.

Nicholas Asarese

Nicholas Asarese was a visiting CO-OP student from The George Washington University studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He worked in the Thermal Analysis and Microfluidics Lab at RIT performing research for Fuel Cell Technology. Nicholas was specialized in taking videos and images using the Photron high speed camera. Upon completion of his CO-OP, he returned to The George Washington University to finish his undergraduate degree.

Ravi Gupta

Ravi is a 4th year mechanical engineering student at the University of Southern California. He has been a co-op student in the TAMFL lab during the summer of 2010, studying evaporative heat transfer.

Savan Mestha

Savan is a 2nd year mechanical engineering student at the University of Maryland. He has joined the TAMFL lab in June 2010 as a co-op student and is studying water transportation in trees.

Sean Ashman

Sean Ashman graduated from RIT in 2006 with his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working on his MS degree.

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