Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics, and Fuel Cell Laboratory

MS Students

Chinmay Patil


Chinmay originally came from Pune, India, where he completed his bachelors degree. He joined TAMFL in July 2012, with an interest in manufacturing. Chinmay is presently engaged in creating microporous surfaces on micro channel surfaces.

Daniel Lorenzini


Daniel Lorenzini joined the Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics and Fuel Cell Laboratory in spring 2013 for a 6-month research stay. He received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico in 2011, where he is pursuing a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering specialized in Thermal-fluids analysis (2011-2013). He works with CFD modeling of conjugate heat transfer in micro-channels for liquid-cooled heat sinks and multi-phase flow in PEM fuel cells using the software ANSYS FLUENT.

Mayuresh Kinare


He joined the lab in March 2013. He has completed his undergraduate degree from University of Pune and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Microelectronics Engineering from RIT. He has been investigating the mechanism related to silicon to silicon bonding (room temperature direct wafer bonding) and devising a way to achieve it. He has also been involved in working on taking SEM images for the lab members for their projects.

Mihir Shah


Originally from Pune, India, Mihir started his stint with the lab with an urge to learn more and research in fuel cells in the Spring of 2013. He is a Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering and joined RIT in Fall 2012 and has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. Currently working on Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell two-phase flow research and investigating the transient phenomenon in the same and is trying to develop methodologies for automotive application of fuel cells by analyzing transient pressure drop behavior.

Valentina Mejia


Valentina Mejia recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2013. She completed multiple co-ops with the Thermal Analysis lab while working on her undergraduate degree. She joined the lab as a Masters student in the summer of 2013. Her current research interests lie in boiling heat transfer.