Thermal Analysis, Microfluidics, and Fuel Cell Laboratory


Dr. Satish Kandlikar

Gleason Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae


Satish Kandlikar is the Gleason Professor of Mechanical Engineering at RIT. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay in 1975 and had been a faculty there before coming to RIT in 1980. His research is mainly focused in the area of flow boiling. After investigating the flow boiling phenomena from an empirical standpoint, which resulted in widely accepted correlations for different geometries, he started to look at the problem from a fundamental perspective. Using the high speed photography techniques, he demonstrated that small bubbles are released at high frequency under flow conditions. His current work involves stabilizing flow boiling in microchannels, interface mechanics during rapid evaporation, and advanced chip cooling with single-phase liquid flow. He has published over 100 journal and conference papers. He is a fellow member of ASME and has been the organizer of the two international conferences on Microchannels and Minichannels sponsored by ASME. He is the founder of the ASME Heat Transfer Chapter in Rochester and founder and first Chairman of the E-cubed fair - a science and engineering fair for middle school students. The fair is hosted every year, since 1991, in celebration of the National Engineers Week.

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Junichi Ohara


Dr. Junichi Ohara is a visiting scholar at RIT's TAMFL for 10 months from March 20, 2004 to January 20, 2005. Dr. Ohara is an associate professor from the Department of Digital Engineering, at Numazu College of Technology in Japan. Since 1993, he has been studying falling film evaporation in plate-fin heat exchangers. Eventually, Dr. Ohara would like to develop his work by adopting various methods to correlate a new evaporation heat transfer coefficient. While at RIT, Dr. Ohara will be researching flow boiling in microchannels. His professional memberships include The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and The Heat Transfer Society of Japan.

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