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Beth Fischer

The mechanical engineering department and engineering honors program have provided me with a broad education and a strong background in mechanical engineering.  The honors program in particular provides students with a unique blend of knowledge of many engineering disciplines, and the honors trips to a variety of engineering companies are invaluable.  There are many opportunities to get involved with projects and leadership activities in engineering and these opportunities have enhanced my education greatly.  The faculty and staff are all dedicated to student success and innovation, making RIT and the mechanical engineering department an exciting place to learn.

Brenda Lisitano

During my time at RIT I have had the opportunity to be a student member of the KGCOE Ethics Committee. In this capacity, I have been able to weigh in and give a student’s perspective to the faculty members. The student members help shape decisions on university curriculum that incorporate ethical decision making with engineering content and help make changes to the ethics program, leading to an even better RIT.

Daniel Crossen

RIT was the best choice in post-high school education I could have made!  Not only am I going to leave after 5 years with both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, but the co-ops I have had along the way will almost guarantee me a job right out of school.  My last co-op was at Toyota doing work that the full time engineers were doing, something that few students outside RIT have had experience with.  Student life at RIT has been great as well.  Whatever your interests, there is definitely multiple clubs out there just waiting for you to join, and if you can’t find one, it is easy to create your own!

Dave Anderson

The engineering exploration program helped me make a well-informed choice to pursue mechanical engineering. Many professors and advisers have open-door policies that make them easily accessible - I had no problems getting questions about courses or career answered. Research after freshman year expanded my skills early on. My co-ops prepared me for industry and got me a full-time position before I even finished my degree. The BS/MS program challenged me academically. I studied abroad in Dubai directly through RIT. I’ve also worked on campus as a tutor, computer lab assistant, and teaching assistant – each of which added to my education in some way or another. The tutoring and teaching assistant positions have helped grow a side passion I have for teaching. I will leave RIT with experiences that far exceed the expectations I had when I started.

Emrys Scott-Murrell

As someone who worked for years in the tech industry before returning to school, coming to RIT was the best decision I could have made for my future. These days a degree is necessary to advance your career, and with RIT’s focus on real world experience and skills, I know I am getting more out of my time here than just the degree. The Co-Op program and career services will help me build my professional network and abilities well before entering the job force.

I transferred from a community college in Virginia and the transition was made easy by the helpful staff at the Kate Gleason College of Engineering.  Everyone from office staff, the professors, even department administrators are always working to help you succeed. I came to the mechanical engineering degree program with the expectation of a worthwhile and rewarding learning experience. Since coming to RIT my expectations have been exceeded in every way.

Janvi Thakore

Being a second-year mechanical engineering student in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering has been nothing but a joyful journey thus far. The curriculum is rigorous, no doubt about it, but the professors are very knowledgeable and willing to help which makes the classes a lot more manageable. All the professors I have encountered have tons and tons of experience in the field and have so much passion about mechanical engineering. The best part is they truly care about you and want you to excel in your field. In addition, the ME department staff is very friendly and encouraging especially if you had a small slip in the semester. They will provide you with all the resources you need. Furthermore, I am currently in the SPEX club at RIT and I love that fact that I could join a club that focuses on my concentration which is Aerospace. Honestly, I could not have found a better fit of a school than RIT. It is a place where your hard work is guaranteed to pay off in the long run.

Karina Roundtree

My experience here at RIT has been very rewarding. The faculty and staff in the Mechanical Engineering Department have been a blessing. They care so much about their students and push them to do their very best. The classes offered by the department are challenging at times but the knowledge that I have gained from those classes is immeasurable. I will truly miss the various people I have met here at RIT when I leave.

Kim Eklund

I chose to attend RIT for the incredible integration of Co-Ops and academics, with the ability to graduate in a timely manner. More specifically, the Mechanical Engineering program is unbeatable. The entire ME curriculum features hands on learning as well understanding the theory behind it. It doesn't get better than that! What's more is all of the clubs they offer just within the department, from the professional ASME to the hands on Formula SAE, you are never bored in KGCOE.

Kristi Weaver

Attending RIT has been a unique experience. The co-op program is what drew me to RIT and my co-op experiences exceeded my expectations. They prepared me well for my professional career after college and assured me that I had chosen a major I would enjoy and succeed at for years to come. The professors here are always willing to help and take whatever time is necessary to ensure the students fully understand the material. Although the campus is nearly all brick, I still think it's gorgeous and I enjoy using the green spaces for volleyball, Frisbee, etc. If I had the chance to “re-live” my college career I would follow the same path! (Plus, attend a few more RIT hockey games..)

Kristin Roberts

RIT has provided me with so many unique opportunities! I had the chance to study abroad for a quarter in Dubai, UAE as well as visit engineering companies in Munich, Germany over spring break through the Honors Program. I spent two summers living in Seattle, WA working at The Boeing Company and gained invaluable “real world” experience. My co-op experiences helped me find where my passions lie within the field of mechanical engineering. Compared to other schools, RIT really prepares its students to be successful in the workplace after graduation.

Lori Liebman

With the one year left at RIT for my undergrad studies I am sad that my time here is already almost over. Time has flown by and I am amazed at how much I learned in four years. I’ve been working in the Machine Tool Lab since I was a freshman and I have had the opportunity to be involved in some really amazing projects. The Mechanical Engineering program opens so many doors and allows the students to learn more than we ever thought we would. I just wish the 5 years didn’t pass by so quickly and I could stay here at RIT!

Lydia Yeckley

I was initially drawn to RIT by the “Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace concentration” degree that KGCOE offered, as it showed a flexible program with great values. However, I am finding so much - the faculty here care about each student and are available for anyone who comes their way. In addition, I have found amazing opportunities in my three years here. I have a hand in the TV show Battlebots, joined the Aero Design team, and work in the machine shop. Although these experiences are unique to my time here, I am thankful to RIT for giving me the opportunity to learn, grow, and network. I am extremely confident in the decision I made.

Maura Chmielowiec

RIT has given me the opportunity to take a dream and make it reality. Over the past four years the Mechanical Engineering program has immersed me in a wide variety of classes that have exposed me to the endless possibilities that are available to me upon graduation. By applying what I have learned in the classroom I have gained invaluable co-op experience. I have also been part of an electric vehicle team on campus where I can apply my skills to a hands on design and build project. RIT has helped me to lay the foundation for a successful career in Mechanical Engineering, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else!

Michelle Garofalo

Deciding to go to RIT was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in life. The Mechanical Engineering faculty and staff are invested in their students and want everyone to succeed. The classes can be challenging but very rewarding. The co-ops provide insight into real, applicable experiences and give you the opportunity to make professional connections that can last a lifetime, especially when seeking full-time employment. The dual degree program gives you the chance to earn your Bachelors and Masters in the same amount of time. Outside of academics, RIT has a variety of clubs, teams, and organizations that suit your varying interests as well! RIT diligently prepares its students to progress academically, develop professionally, and expand interests and hobbies so that its students can lead successful and happy lives well after graduation. 

Nicholas Hensel

The ME department at RIT is amazing. To me, that is just fact. To convince you: The professors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and concerned with student growth and development. The staff, both in the ME office and throughout the engineering building, are incredibly kind and helpful and I have never been afraid to ask if I have a question about anything. The students all seem to want to learn and I have never had trouble finding people to study with or discuss homework. And perhaps most important of all, I know that when I am done with RIT (as sad a thought as that is!) I am going to be ready for whatever comes next.

Sean Harriman

I have only good things to say about KGCOE and RIT. The mechanical engineering department is very accommodating and there is such a wide variety of courses it is really easy to explore any particular area of interest. The professors are really knowledgeable and welcoming and are almost always there to answer any questions. The best part of my experience was that I was able to design my own senior design project which is the powertrain and traction controller for an electric superbike built by the new RIT Electric Vehicle Team to be raced in the TTXGP Race Series. RIT is really on the forefront of sustainability and new innovative design and has great relations with top companies in many fields. The co-op experience has been great and it really sets up students for success when looking for a job after graduation. There is so much RIT has to offer, it’s almost impossible to try it all.

Sheryl Dill

My experiences in the Mechanical Engineering program definitely left me better prepared for the “real world”. The faculty and staff made the program both fun and challenging while helping me develop into a much better problem solver and team member. Being able to forge relationships with a company made the co-op experiences invaluable and really helped me get to where I am today.

Stephen Rugg

My experience at RIT has been great. RIT is large enough that you have the option to pursue classes and experiences, outside of your major, that you can’t find at other institutions. While at RIT, I have had the chance to study abroad in Dubai for 3 months, travel to Phoenix, Arizona and Munich, Germany on class trips, and take classes on wine and woodworking.

Also, RIT has so many clubs and activities going on that anyone can find something of interest. I have been involved in the Ultimate Frisbee Team, Rock Climbing Team, and the ping pong club, and I met many of my friends through those activities. If given the chance to choose what college I went to I would choose RIT again in a heartbeat

Wunna Kyaw

Choosing to attend KGCOE at RIT was the best decision I could ever make in my life. I am not only going to graduate with a Bachelor's and Master's degree because of the dual degree program, but I have attained real world engineering experiences during my 40 weeks of co-op I had to do.  Everyone in the Mechanical Engineering Department including the staff, faculty and fellow students are very kind and helpful. The professors make sure that you completely understand the material. There are a lot of student clubs with an interest in engineering. American Society of Mechanical Engineering is a great way to meet fellow students who enthusiastically to work on projects and compete with other sections. ASME has helped me improve my leadership skills with E-Board positions and make great connections with other people and faculty.



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