The MESA Gear Project

In 2003, MESA built a MEMS based microgear. The gear's diameter was as small as 200 µm!

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Fall cookout 2011

This past year's Fall cookout. Showing the club hanging out and having an overall good time.

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Holiday wafer design 2011

Clear field mask design for the holidy wafers. This year, for the first time, we accepted custom orders. Part of this years proceeds also went to support the Nick Murray Scholarship.

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Imagine RIT 2011

The MESA president, James Mnatzaganian, presenting the honorary custom built solar race car to RIT's provost, Mr. Jeremy Haefner. The primary focus of last year's imagine RIT was to show how the field of microelectronics can aide in the going "green" movement.

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What is MESA?

The Microelectronic Engineering Student Association is a fully student run organization dedicated to teaching students, through a hands-on environment, basic microelectronic engineering process, techniques, and tool utilizations. For more information, including our official mission statement, please visit the About Us page. Contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Current Projects

  • Imagine RIT 2012

Past Projects

  • Holiday wafers 2011
  • Imagine RIT 2011