Mission Statement

“MESA provides a hands on learning experience to better the knowledge of its members in the art of Microelectronic Engineering.”


MESA was founded in 2000 by students with a common interest in Microelectronics. The organization was built to promote Microelectronic Engineering within RIT, provide support for faculty and students inside the Microelectronic Engineering Department, and to experience community service opportunities.

Throughout the years, MESA has endeavored on processing projects such as the fabrication of a MEMS based microgear, the development of a gigaohm resistor, and the creation of a plasma chamber. To further promote the Microelectronic Engineering major as well as to teach basic processing techniques to underclassman, every Christmas season, wafer ornaments are fabricated.

For fun, every Spring Quarter, we host our annual barbeque. In addition to that barbeque, we also have a Summer and Fall barbeque, graciously hosted by Dr. Robert Pearson and the Microelectronic Engineering Department. We also go on club outings to do things such as watch movies and go bowling.

Executive Board

President-James Mnatzaganian
Vice President-Matthew Filmer
Treasurer-Mark Engelman
Secretary-Marc Arias
Webmaster-Asif Muhammad