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BS - Senior Design

Microelectronic senior design is a two course capstone design experience for senior students taken in the final year of study over two semesters. Students propose a project related to microelectronic process, device, component or system design, to meet desired specifications within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. The students plan a timetable and write a formal proposal. The proposal is evaluated on the basis of intellectual merit, the soundness of the technical structure and/or the research plan, and finally the feasibility of the project. Each student is required to make an oral presentation of the proposal and create a detailed poster.

Here are some sample titles and accompanying images:

Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon using Xenon Flash Lamp Annealing

Process Development and Characterization of Sputtered Ferroelectric Hafnium Dioxide Films”

Self-Aligned Crossbar Memristors

Non-Volatile Tantalum Nitride Alumina Oxide Silicon (TANOS) Memory Structures

Radio Frequency Interference Tolerant Electrostatic Discharge Protection Scheme

Directed Self-Assembly Process for lithography