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BS - Senior Research Projects

Following is a sampling of Senior Research projects presented at the RIT Microelectronic annual conference over the last few years:

  • “Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon using Xenon Flash Lamp Annealing” - Henry Hellbusch
  • “Process Development and Characterization of Sputtered Ferroelectric Hafnium Dioxide Films” – Jackson Anderson
  • “Amorphous carbon used as an alternative hard mask for applications in multiple patterning lithography” – Timothy Horn
  • “Self-Aligned Crossbar Memristors” – Wilkie Olin-Ammentorp
  • “Non-Volatile Tantalum Nitride Alumina Oxide Silicon (TANOS) Memory Structures” – Spencer Pringle
  • “Radio Frequency Interference Tolerant Electrostatic Discharge Protection Scheme” – Stefan Wojick
  • “Directed Self-Assembly Process for lithography” – Paul Bischoff
  • “Investigation of a Self-Assembled Monolayer as a Cu Diffusion Barrier” – Anthony Aiello
  • “Black Si by RIE for Photovoltaics” – Jacob D. Lana
  • “Development, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Vertical-Diffused MOS Process for Power RF Applications” – Richard Li
  • “Sidewall Image Transfer for High Aspect Ratio Fin Width Definition” – Lilah M. Cook
  • “Influence of Ammonium Sulfide Surface Passivation on TFET Electrical Characteristics” – Ian Manwaring
  • “MEMS Peltier Cooler” – Brendan P. Merna
  • “Optimization of Silicon Etch for High Aspect Ratio Fin FETs” – Michal Kucer
  • “Characterization of Conductive Oxides for MEMS Chemical Gas Sensors” – Alycia N. Roux
  • “Characterization/Analysis of Tunneling Field Effect Transistors” – Christopher Ritchie
  • “Self Sufficient MEMS Sensor for Portable Applications” – Andrew R. Taylor
  • “Self Aligned Memristive Crossbar Structures Using Shadow Evaporation” – Eric M. Pethybridge
  • “MEMS Hall Effect Sensor” - Michell Graciani Melo Espitia
  • “MEMs Polysilicon Micro-bolometer Array” - Paige Gottschalk
  • “Investigation of Sputter/Passivation on Electrical Characteristics of IGZO TFTs” – Nicholas R. Edwards