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The Microelectronic Engineering program, in conjunction with the RIT Material Science and Engineering program offers qualified students the opportunity to pursue a combined BS degree in Microelectronic Engineering and MS degree in Material Science and Engineering in a five and a half year program. One semester of coop is waived to allow students to complete the programs in a reduced timeframe.

Interested, qualified students can apply to the program in the spring of their second year. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.2. A listing of required and elective Material Science and Engineering courses can be found at

Interested students should contact Dr. Santosh Kurinec for a list of recent MS thesis titles and further details about the program.

After meeting with Dr. Kurinec interested students should then contact the Materials Science and Engineering program at:


Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
MATH-181 Project-Based Calculus I 4
CHMG-131 General Chemistry for Engineers 3
  LAS Foundation 2: First Year Writing 3
MCEE-101 Introduction to Nanoelectronics 3
  LAS Foundation 1: First Year Seminar† 3
MATH-182 Project-Based Calculus II 4
PHYS-211 University Physics I 4
CMPR-271 Computational Problem Solving for Engineers 3
EEEE-120 Digital Systems I 3
  LAS Perspective 1 3
  YearOne 0
  Wellness Education* 0
Second Year
MATH-221 Multivariable and Vector Calculus 4
PHYS-212 University Physics II 4
MCEE-205 Statistics and DOE 3
EEEE-281 Circuits I 3
  LAS Perspective 2, 3 6
MATH-231 Differential Equations 3
PHYS-213 Modern Physics 3
EEEE-282 Circuits II 3
MCEE-201 IC Technology 3
EGEN-099 Engineering Co-op Preparation 0
Third Year
MCEE-499 Cooperative Education (fall) Co-op
MCEE-320 E&M Fields for Microelectronic Engineering 3
MCEE-360 Semiconductor Devices for Microelectronic Engineering 4
EEEE-381 Electronics I 3
MTSE-702 Polymer Science 3
  Free Elective 3
MCEE-499 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op
Fourth Year
MCEE-603 Thin Films (WI) 3
MCEE-605 Lithography Materials and Processes 3
MTSE-601 Materials Science 3
MCEE or MTSE Elective 3
  LAS Perspective 4 3
EEEE-353 Linear Systems 4
EEEE-482 Electronics II 4
MCEE-502 VLSI Process Modeling 3
choose one of the following:   3
   MTSE-703    Solid State Science 3
   MCEE-713    Physics of Nanostructures 3
MCEE-499 Cooperative Education (summer) Co-op
Fifth Year
MCEE-495 Senior Design I 3
  Professional Electives 6
  LAS Immersion 1, 2, 3 9
MTSE-704 Theoretical Methods 3
MCEE-550 CMOS Processing 4
MCEE-515 Nanolithography Systems 3
MTSE-790 Thesis 6
MCEE-496 Senior Design II 3
  Free Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 150

Please see New General Education Curriculum–Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for more information.

(WI) Refers to a writing intensive course within the major.

* Please see Wellness Education Requirement for more information. Students completing bachelor's degrees are required to complete two Wellness courses.

† The First Year Seminar requirement is replaced by an LAS Elective for the 2014-15 academic year.