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ME - Internship

The program requires students to complete an internship. This requirement provides a structured and supervised work experience that enables students to gain job-related skills that assist them in achieving their desired career goals.

Students with prior engineering-related job experience may submit a request for credit by experience with the department head. Supported by a letter from the appropriate authority substantiating the student’s job responsibility, duration, and performance quality, a student may be able to waive the internship if a previous work experience fulfills this requirement.

For students who are not working in the semiconductor industry while enrolled in this program, the internship can be completed at RIT. It involves an investigation or study of a subject or process directly related to microelectronic engineering under the supervision of a faculty adviser. An internship may be taken any time after the completion of the first semester, and may be designed in a number of ways.  At the conclusion of the internship, submission of a final internship report to the faculty adviser and program director is required.