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All KGCOE students are required to complete co-operative education work experiences as an integral part of their BS degree. Please see the Cooperative Education section of the program curriculum flow for full details about this aspect of the degree. Students must complete nominally one year of co-operative education work experience as a degree requirement (two semesters of ~15 weeks and two summers of ~10 weeks). Students are scheduled at least 48 weeks of work experience. Many students exceed the one year minimum requirement.

RIT has the third oldest and third largest coop program in the country.

General Requirements For BS Degree Certification:

  • Successful completion of all required courses of the Institute and College, including cooperative education, activity or wellness courses, earning a minimum of  129 semester credit hours.
  • Students must also pass the KGCOE writing requirement.
  • Full payment or satisfactory adjustment of all financial obligations.
  • A minimum Program Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 (a 'C' average).

To learn more about our Cooperative Education here at RIT please visit  the Co-op website.