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Student Spotlight

  • Brian Romanczyk

    The uniqueness of the microelectronic engineering program, with its combination of physics, chemistry, and engineering, has been a perfect fit for me.  I enjoy the fact that I am working on technologies that enable most other engineering and technology disciplines.  RIT has done a great job preparing me for the future.  While on co-op with Northrop Grumman in Baltimore, MD and HRL Laboratories in Malibu, CA my employers always spoke very highly of microE graduates showing that RIT has done a great job preparing students for the real world.

  • Eric Evangelou

    I transferred to RIT expecting a top-notch technical education, and suffice it to say I was not disappointed. The professors of the Electrical & Microelectronic Engineering department are incredible. Their years of industry experience keep courses grounded in reality- practical skill never takes a back seat to theory, and the combination of the two makes for very comprehensive learning. I was thoroughly prepared for my first co-op, and I feel lucky to be studying under engineers that have taught me how to put my knowledge to work.

  • James Mnatzaganian

    After completing four academic years at RIT, I am convinced that KGCOE is one of the best, if not the best, colleges at RIT. Through a combination of pure academic endeavors, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to practice what I have learned in the "real world," I feel that I am fully prepared to begin a successful career and make a difference in this world. My exact career choice involves furthering my education, and I hope to do so right here in KGCOE. The faculty has been supportive and helpful, and I was even able to start taking courses to aide in my transition to graduate school. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, rather than simply reading a book, then KGCOE is the place to be.

  • Julia Okvath

    Every second I have spent in the program has only convinced me that I made the right choice when I decided to switch into KGCOE my first year. So many opportunities have come my way since I joined; everything from Co-Ops to research projects and the chance to network with the leading companies in technology. On top of that, the professors are dedicated to helping the students learn and understand the material and each professor’s passion for the subject shows in the way they teach their class. My experience here has been amazing so far and I definitely recommend joining KGCOE and the microelectronic engineering department to anyone who wants to learn and understand the natural sciences and apply that knowledge to discovering and improving cutting-edge technologies.

  • Madison Davis

    I am glad I made the decision to attend RIT, the only school in the country to offer an undergraduate program in MicroE. Also, RIT presents the opportunity to gain real world experience through the stellar co-op program. This major encompasses a multitude of subjects, such as physics, chemistry, and engineering. In my first year, I was given the ability to work and experience the cleanroom and become involved in the major right away. This further convinced me that I had made a great decision by coming to RIT and pursuing this major. Although RIT is a decently large university, my classes are small and the professors are highly involved in the success of their students. This allows students to build personal relationships and expand their success network with the help of faculty and other students. I am thoroughly excited to see where this major takes me in the future.

  • Matthew Hartensveld

    I was excited to begin my journey with RIT as a freshman because of the microelectronic engineering program. Here at RIT, this is the only place in the country that offers this major to undergrads. This is an amazing field that encompasses many different subjects such as chemistry, physics, and engineering to make new advances in the semiconductor industry. The professors here are passionately involved in guiding us to succeed. Using the knowledge I gained at RIT I was accepted over many applicants to preform research over the summer funded by the National Science Foundation. I am looking forward to a bright future with all the possibilities that RIT is helping me achieve.