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PhD Checklist  

Microsystems Engineering PhD Program Checklist.

•  Admission to the program

•  Enroll in the Foundation Courses

•  Register to take the Qualifying Examination (1st year)

•  Pass the Qualifying Examination (End of 1st year)

•  Submit the form for the Advisory Committee

•  Submit a Program of Study Form

•  Finish all required coursework

•  Research and define dissertation research topic

•  Meet with librarian for the College of Engineering (WML)

•  Write the Dissertation Proposal

•  Register to take the Candidacy Examination (proposal defense)

•  Pass the Candidacy examination (no later than beginning of third year and at least one year before the Dissertation Defense)

•  Continue your research

•  Hold periodic reviews of your progress with your Advisory Committee, submit yearly progress reports

•  Hold a Research Review Milestone meeting (at least six months before the Dissertation defense)

•  Write your dissertation manuscript

•  Register for the Dissertation Defense

•  Pass the Dissertation Defense

•  Meet all certification requirements / graduation