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Student Spotlight

  • Anand Gopalan - PhD Graduate

    “While working toward my PhD in Microsystems at RIT, I was exposed to cutting edge technology with the opportunity to be part of industry supported research.” Anand is one of the earliest graduates from the Microsystems PhD program at RIT, doing his research in the area RF and analog mixed-signal technology. “I was part of a vibrant research environment and benefited from the multi-disciplinary nature of Microsystems – working in areas like semiconductor fabrication, device physics, and industrial engineering. My experience at RIT was immensely beneficial to the work I do now -  leading diverse product teams to come up with real world engineering solutions.”


    Anand is currently the VP of Engineering at Rambus Inc. where he leads the engineering organization towards the development of high speed memory and data link based products serving mobile, consumer and enterprise applications. Prior to joining Rambus, Anand worked at Megachips America Inc. where he was the Director of Research and Development, leading a global team to develop mixed-signal technology for several high volume ASICs.

  • Burak Baylav - PhD Graduate

    "I came from Turkey with good theory, and was able to put it into practice here. I had culture shock initially, but you get over it soon.” Coming to RIT meant changes in Burak’s life, but it also meant learning about the manufacturing process for integrated circuits, his initial reason for pursuing a degree at RIT.
“I had always heard there were limitations to design that is imposed by the manufacturing process, in the clean room, so I wanted to learn what was meant by that,” he says. 
“I had access to the latest technology, tools and data,” says Baylav. “It was a dream come true and I was able to use this relationship for my Ph.D. research.”

    One of Burak’s learning opportunities was a yearlong sponsored assignment through Mentor Graphics Corp. at the Interuniversity Microelectonics Centre (IMEC), a world-class semiconductor research facility located in Leuven, Belgium. 

    Burak now works in research and development in Resolution Enhancement Technology at Intel Corp.  in Portland, Oregon 

  • Cory Cress - PhD Graduate

    "During my time at RIT, I performed research in the NanoPower Research Labs. It was here that I learned how to create nanomaterials and devices. I learned how to understand them, and test their performance.

    Now, I use these skills at the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC. My work here has a massive impact on how electronics are created.

    Our research has allowed new processes and materials to be developed for harsh environments - like space. The research we do every day is on the cutting-edge.

    The Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. program at RIT prepared me very well for this career. RIT's program gave me the experience that made my career possible."

    Cory's Background

    Dr. Cory Cress (RIT BS/MS – ‘03, Ph.D. – ‘08) is currently a Materials Research Engineer at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.

    As a member of the Radiation Effects Section, Dr. Cress leads an effort studying the effects of radiation on bleeding-edge nanotechnology like:

    • Si finFETs (L-channel = 14 nm)
    • Integrated Ge/III-V finFETs
    • Carbon nanotubes
    • Graphene
    • 2D-transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g., MoS2, WS2)

    A primary objective of his work for the US government is to quantify how radiation affects device performance. This research will have impact for generations to come.

  • Monica Kempsell Sears - PhD Graduate

    Monica Kempsell Sears finds the biggest thrills in the smallest details of nanolithography and in manipulating wavelengths of light. But even she is surprised she found her focus so early. 
“It’s so unusual to be so directed,” she says. “I feel lucky to be so passionate about something. A lot of people take a long time to figure out what their passion in life is. I fell in love with lithography in high school.” Monica finished her Ph.D. in Microsystems Engineering in 2013 and now works in the field of semiconductor lithography at Intel.

    “I’ve always wanted to be one of the people who figures out how to push this field further and further—and now I am.” 

  • Peng Xie - PhD Graduate

    "I found my Microsystems experience prepared me well for the challenges of industry.

    During my Ph.D. program, I had taken a 1-year internship at IMEC as well as a 4 months internship at GlobalFoundries.

    These experiences helped me to better understand the workspace, expand my professional network and get a pulse of where the industry is heading.

    With my solid preparation at RIT, I am confident that I am ready to take on any challenges in the future."

    Peng's Background

    Peng is currently a serion panel process engineer at Apple Inc.  

    At Apple, Peng is responsible for developing the next generation of display panels and sensors.  In his previous positions, he worked at Applied Materials, a manufacturing company.

    Peng is an award winning employee, has made contributions to various innovative products, and contributed to more than 10 patents.