Curriculum Overview

The MS in product development program is a 36-credit program consisting of eight business and engineering courses, two electives and a capstone project (2 courses).

Elective courses afford the opportunity for students to tailor the program to better meet personal and organizational needs. Two elective courses (6 credits) are required. At least one elective must be from engineering. Students should discuss the selection of electives with their advisor and manager and consider how electives meet their needs.

Capstone Project

Students must successfully complete a capstone project (6 credits) during the final year of the program, based on a real-world problem often identified in the companies where they work. The corporate-oriented capstone project encompasses the broad integrative aspects of new product development. It synthesizes, increases, and demonstrates the student’s understanding and knowledge of previous program material and underscores the behaviors essential to product development leadership.

The capstone project provides immediate benefits to sponsoring organizations and is an excellent opportunity for students to gain visibility and recognition. View previous capstone projects.