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PhD Microsystems

RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering offers a unique educational and research program leading to a PhD degree in Microsystems Engineering. The multidisciplinary program builds on the fundamentals of traditional engineering and science, combined with curriculum and research activities addressing the numerous technical challenges of micro- and nano-systems. These include the manipulation of electrical, photonic, optical, mechanical, chemical, and biological functionality to process, sense, and interface with the world at a nanometer scale. The goal is to provide the foundation to explore future technology through research in nano-engineering, design methods, and technologies for micro- and nano-scaled systems. Activities within the program involve exploration into new and novel technology in areas like advanced micro- and nano-electronics, photovoltaics, microfluidics, compound semiconductor materials, integrated photonics, thin film devices, MEMS, direct-printed electronics, nanopatterning, and biomedical microsystems.

The program fulfills a critical need for an expanded knowledge base and expertise in the innovation, design, fabrication, and application of micro- and nano-scale materials, process, devices, components, and systems. RIT is an internationally recognized leader in education and research in the fields of microsystems and nanoscale engineering.

The program is designed for students with a strong background in engineering and the physical sciences, and with an interest in hands on exploration into new fields of micro- and nano-systems.

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Dr. Bruce Smith

Director and Professor


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