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Biomedical Engineering

Heidi Hendrick
Academic Advisor, Biomedical Engineering

Biocompatibility testing, engineering artificial organs & tissues, developing new drug delivery systems, creating or modifying innovative medical devices, enhancing medical imaging techniques, or designing procedures to meet regulatory requirements are just a few examples of the work performed by a biomedical engineer to improve the health and well-being of others. Biomedical Engineers combine their knowledge of engineering with biology, anatomy, and physiology, to create devices and systems for a variety of healthcare issues. The need for sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and solutions has fueled the demand for biomedical engineers who commonly work in multidisciplinary teams to develop devices, equipment, and procedures for a number of medical applications. The multidisciplinary nature of biomedical engineering requires professionals to develop an expertise in both engineering and biological sciences.

Biomedical engineering applies the principles and theories of engineering to solve problems in a widely varied field of medicine. Biomedical engineers can be found working alongside scientists, other engineering professionals, and medical practitioners to evaluate the complex, interdependent systems of the human body to develop effective solutions to enhance the quality of life for patients. Biomedical engineers play a key role in developing and defining the engineering requirements and specifications necessary to actually bring these devices and protocols to fruition. It is a rapidly growing field with a wide range of career opportunities for students with an interest in combining engineering with medicine.

A comprehensive curriculum combined with and integrated co-operative educational experience provides students with the tools they need to enter the work force, or to pursue graduate study in engineering, science or medicine.

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