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Ergonomic Picking

Engineers design systems to be used safely, comfortably, and easily.  The term “ergonomics” refers to the practice of designing products and systems that accommodate the physical limitations of the human body.  Ergonomically designed systems are easier and more comfortable to use and reduce the chance that people will experience discomfort or injury while using the system.  Often, ergonomically designed systems also enable people to be more productive.  In this activity students will evaluate the layout of a medical supply cabinet.  After making observations and collecting and analyzing data, they will reconfigure the layout and determine whether the new design has a better ergonomic design and if it is more efficient.

Curricular Subjects: 
Collecting, Analyzing, and Comparing Data, Multiplying Whole Numbers, Rounding Decimals, Converting Units of Time, Using Formulas, Calculating Averages, Determining Percent Change

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