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Aytug Gencoglu

Aytug Gencoglu
Post Doc

Office: INS/3115

Dr. Aytug Gencoglu received his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (2003) M.S. degree in Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biotechnology (2005) from Istanbul Technical University, and he received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering (2012) from Michigan Technological University. His research interests include microfluidics and electrokinetics, especially for separation and manipulation of bacteria. In his dissertation, he investigated the surface changes of microfluidics electrodes under routine use, and the effects of electrode surface reactions on chemical gradients in microfluidics channels. As a postdoctoral researcher, he has achieved submicron resolution particle separations with reduced power consumption using novel microfluidics design criteria and electric signals.


  Rochester Institute of Technology
One Lomb Memorial Drive,
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
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