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Christiaan Richter

Christiaan Richter
Assistant Professor

Phone: 585-475-4383
Office: INS/2111

Christiaan Richter received his BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pretoria, His MS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nebraska, and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University. After completing his PhD, and prior to his appointment at RIT, he did a postdoc under Charles Schmuttenmaer at Yale University, a pioneer in the field of terahertz spectroscopy. He joined the department in the fall of 2010 and he teaches courses in thermodynamics, engineering statistics and several laboratory courses.

Research Areas

His research spans materials science, nanotechnology and terahertz spectroscopy. His group is especially interested in using affordable and scalable nanotechnologies like anodic metal oxide nanotubes in applications like low cost solar cells, batteries and capacitors. In all these applications the conductivity of the nanostructured materials used plays an important role. Far-infrared or terahertz (THz) light is an excellent probe with which to measure the conductivity and carrier dynamics within nanostructured materials. Prof. Richter’s group uses broadband THz pulses to measure properties like electron mobility and lifetime in these materials. His group also works on THz technology that could be used in the PV industry to improve the design and manufacturing of silicon and thin film solar cells. His work has been published in journals like, Advanced Materials and Nature Nanotechnology and highlighted in the journal Science.

For more information about Professor Richter, please see his website.

Recent Publications

  • L. Menon, C. Richter, A. Friedman, Z. Wu, E. Panaitescu, "Review: Synthesis of Nanomaterials Using Self-Assembled Nanotemplates", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 12, 7658-7676, 2012.
  • C. Richter, C. A. Schmuttenmaer, “Exciton-like trap states limit electron mobility in TiO2 nanotubes”, Nature Nanotechnology, 5, 769–772, 2010.
  • C. Richter, L. Menon, “Impact of adsorbed alkali ions on photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by titania nanotubes”, Energy & Environmental Science, 3, 427-433, 2010. 
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