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Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins

Phone: 585-475-6640
Office: GLE/3021

Dr. Mark Hopkins joined RIT EME in 1988, shortly after earning the MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech (Blacksburg VA).  Dr. Hopkins teaches courses in linear systems, controls, modeling, and other topics.  He has a total of more than eight years of industrial experience at Xerox Corp., Eastman-Kodak Co., ITT Corp., and ITT Exelis Inc.

Through his work at Xerox Corp. in the area of controlling the color xerographic process, Dr. Hopkins was awarded three U.S. Patents (#5,355,197, #5,390,004, and #5,760,812 ) and one European Patent (#EP0682294).

Dr. Hopkins’ current research is centered primarily in the areas of modeling and control of large flexible space structures.  He is also very interested in computer-aided learning and teaching, and has developed a suite of Matlab tools and toolboxes specifically for those purposes.  The most powerful of these tools (the Pzgui Toolbox) can be accessed by way of Hopkins’ RIT web page:

In March 2013, Dr. Hopkins’ paper, "Identification of flexible structures by frequency-domain observability range context," will appear in Proceedings of SPIE 2013 International Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems Conference, to be presented on March 12 at the conference, in San Diego.

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