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Zhaolin Lu

Zhaolin Lu
Associate Professor

Phone: 585-475-2106
Office: ENG/2191

Professor Zhaolin Lu received his B.S. in Applied Physics from Chongqing University (China), his M.S. in Physics from Michigan Technological University, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware. He joined the Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. program in 2007. At RIT, Prof. Lu has established a Novel Material Photonics laboratory. Activities within the laboratory are directed toward the exploration of novel nanomaterials and nanostructures for applications in fields of photonic integrated circuits, super resolution imaging systems, optical fiber communications, microwave circuits, data storage, renewable energy, microfluidic systems, and the like. The techniques or materials investigated by the group include nanoplasmonic waveguides, graphene optoelectronic devices, supper resolution imaging by negative refraction, active plasmonic metamaterials, novel photonic crystal waveguides, metamaterial-inspired RF antennas and THz waveguides, as well as nanowire fabrication and applications.

Professor Lu’s research has been supported by NSF, DARPA, ARO, ACS, etc. His group has been collaborating closely with other prestigious groups and organizations. In recent years, he has developed one of the world’s smallest optical waveguides and is working toward the demonstration of the world’s smallest electro-optical modulators for on-chip optical interconnects. Professor Lu holds five patents and has published one book and over 100 journal/conference papers. His work has been covered by many popular press/media (SciencePhotonics Spectra, Laser Focus World, etc). He is a technical program committee member of several OSA conferences and on the editorial board of several journals.

Professor Lu teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Optoelectronics, Integrated Optical Devices and Systems (or Nanophotonics), Electromagnetic Fields, Material Science, and Modern Optics for Engineering. For more about Professor Lu see his personal website.

Selected Publications:

Z. Lu and W. Zhao, “Nanoscale electro-optic modulators based on graphene-slot waveguides,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 29, 1490-1496 (2012).

Z. Lu, W. Zhao, and K. Shi, “Ultracompact electro-absorption modulators based on tunable epsilon-near-zero-slot waveguides,” IEEE Photon. J. 4, 735-740(2012).

R. Yang and Z. Lu, “Silicon-on-Insulator Platform for Integration of 3D Nanoplasmonic Devices,” IEEE Photonics Technonlogy Letters 23, 1652-1564(2011).

W. Zhao and Z. Lu, “Nanoplasmonic optical switch based on Ga-Si3N4-Ga waveguide,” Optical Engineering 50, 074002(2011).

R. Yang, M. A. Abushagur, and Z. Lu, “Efficiently squeezing near infrared light into a 21nm-by-24nm nanospot,” Optics Express 16, 20142-20148 (2008).

Z. Lu, S. Shi, J. A. Murakowski, G. J. Schneider, C. A. Schuetz, and D. W. Prather, “Experimental demonstration of self-collimation inside a three-dimensional photonic crystal,” Physical Review Letters 96, 173902(4) (2006).

Z. Lu, C. Chen, C. A. Schuetz, S. Shi, J. A. Murakowski, G. J. Schneider, and D. W. Prather, “Sub-wavelength imaging by a flat cylindrical lens using optimized negative refraction,” Applied Physics Letters 87, 091907(3) (2005).

Z. Lu, J. A. Murakowski, C. A. Schuetz, S. Shi, G. J. Schneider, and D. W. Prather, “Three-dimensional subwavelength imaging by a photonic-crystal flat lens using negative refraction at microwave frequencies,” Physical Review Letters 95, 153901(4) (2005).

Z. Lu, B. Miao, T. R. Hodson, C. Lin, J. A. Murakowski, and D. W. Prather, “Negative refraction imaging in a hybrid photoniccrystal device at near-infrared frequencies,” Optics Express 15, 1286-1291 (2007).

Book: Z. Lu and D. W. Prather, “Dispersion-Engineered Photonic Crystals,” ISBN: 3639063767, VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K., 2008.

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