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TEAK: Outreach Teacher Teaching Workshop

The TEAK Outreach Teacher Training workshop prepares students to go out into the community to teach about engineering. Students learn techniques for effective communication to a pre-college audience, and each participant has the opportunity to watch and reflect on a video of his or herself delivering an engineering lesson. This workshop was developed in order to train engineering students preparing to teach TEAK kits, or to work as instructors/mentors at outreach events and engineering summer camps, but it can be augmented for use in a training series for undergraduate or graduate teaching assistants.

Student Teacher Training Workshop SEssion Materials

Session 1: Introduction & Know Your Audience

Teaches how to engage your audience, get their attention, and understand their perspective in the classroom.

Session 2: Lecture and Questioning Techniques

Teaches ways to keep student actively involved in your lesson, focused mainly on how to ask and encourage good questions.

Session 3: Managing Hands-On Activities

Teaches techniques for planning hands-on activities, particularly when using lesson plans developed by someone other than you.

Session 4: Classroom Assessment Techniques

Reviews some quick techniques on how to determine whether students are learning what you think they'e learning, as well as other ways to get feedback on your own teaching.

Session 5: Microteaching Activity

Is a culminating activity where workshop participants deliver a lesson to the group, incorporating the skills and techniques learned during the workshop. Lessons are recorded and provided to participants for review and reflection.

Workshop Evaluation Forms

Can be used to gather student feedback on the workshops

All workshop materials

Includes all materials in a single convenient zip file.
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