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Women Engineers’ Hot Wheelz team Takes 3rd Place and Wins The Innovation Award at Imagine RIT

    The Hot Wheelz team competed in a 60 minute electric endurance race on May 4th as part of the 2013 Imagine RIT Festival. After completing a total of 52 laps (10.4 miles) the team took 3rd place overall and won the Innovation Award! The challenge not only consisted of taking a power wheels kids vehicle and transforming it into an electric endurance vehicle but also to earn audience attention by creating a themed vehicle. The team incorporated the “Magic School Bus” theme, dressed as nerds, and created an interactive sponsor banner. The audience loved it on race day! Major kudos to the hard working student team who contributed over 750 volunteer hours. Check out the slideshow above that features pictures from the build and design process and race day!

    Thank you to our sponsors (see sponsors link on team blog: ) for providing funding and product to make the vehicle possible. Many thanks to Ken Snyder for electrical advice, Rob Kraynik and Jan Maneti for help in the machine shop and Dean Harvey Palmer for providing permanent team/build space. Last but not least this project could not have been completed without our awesome advisors: Jodi Carville and Marty Schooping.

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