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Women in Engineering

Summer Programs Engage Girls in Engineering
“Heaven for an Engineer,”
That’s how sixth grader Shkenca Demiri described the Everyday Engineering Summer Camp at Rochester Institute of Technology this past week. 
Demiri is one of 40 girls from the fifth and sixth grades who participated in the camp, which is directed by Jodi Carville. Carville said the goal of the camp is to educate girls on the opportunities that women have in the engineering field. The camp staffers hope to nurture the girls’ interest in engineering. 
The campers were quick to share the activities they had completed throughout the week. 
“Creo is a website we used to create rocket ships and then we printed them out,” said Alina Cheema, a sixth grader. 
The group of innovative girls also designed and built working catapults. 
Demiri told of balloon-powered cars inspired by Newton’s Laws. These cars raced against each other.
On July 25 campers participated in a version of charades. Technology charades was a game where groups of campers were given a piece of technology to act out. Such technologies were radio, computer and the hair dryer. Those participating in the game used their problem solving skills, since the girls were not allowed to speak. Madeleine Sutton, a sixth grader, described how the difficulties during the game related to engineering.
“Engineers are professional problem solvers.”
Sutton added that camp was more than just learning about engineering. She also made new friends.
Kelly Beam and Rita Sherman, engineers from Harris Communications, provided campers with insight into engineering jobs.
Many girls found that engineering was something they would like to pursue in their futures.
Said Demiri, the sixth grader: “I really like the idea of problem solving and that’s what engineers do. So I am really interested in becoming an engineer when I grow up.”

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