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    Are you a woman who is interested in becoming an engineer? As you have probably already heard, RIT offers excellent engineering programs which are complemented by our unique Cooperative Education (co-op) program. RIT is committed to your success as a woman engineer and offers various programs and activities to assist you as you progress through degree requirements. As an enrolled woman in one of our engineering programs, you will find a supportive environment to help you successfully achieve your career goals.

    Kate Gleason College of Engineering has many women engineering role models who care about your success:

    • More than 15% of our engineering faculty are women
    • Close to 25% of incoming KGCOE students are women
    • KGCOE's Women in Engineering program (also known as WE@RIT) has been carefully designed to support students both academically and socially by offering enrichment programs and activities aimed at fostering a positive community for women. Each year, hundreds of engineering women college students attend events hosted by WE@RIT!
    • WE@RIT also offers two programs designed for women who are entering RIT for engineering. These programs introduce participants to the KGCOE, our strong community of dedicated women, and the rich campus life that RIT has to offer. These programs are:

    WE Retreat

    Program Date: April 10-11, 2015

    1. Register for WE Retreat

    2. Complete Participant Questionnaire

    3. Print and Complete Travel Paperwork (if eligible)

    Offered Early Spring for women students who have been accepted into RIT's College of Engineering.  It is organized and hosted by WE@RIT in coordination with the  RIT Admission's Accepted Student Open House. The program includes learning about our unique student design experience, attending an engineering class, study abroad, leadership development and much more. You will also EXPERIENCE dormlife with an overnight stay! Plus leave your mark on RIT, painting the annual WE@RIT mural. Sample Schedule

    BY INVITE ONLY- Invitations are sent to all women students who have been accepted to RIT's Kate Gleason College of Engineering.


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    WE're in Motion


    WE're in Motion


    • Participant Informational Questionnaire
    • Registration Form
    • Scholarship Request Form


    Visiting Rochester Ideas

    Program Dates: August 15-18, 2015

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    A pre-orientation experience for Kate Gleason College of Engineering incoming women engineering students. 

    A unique pre-orientation experience held before RIT’s freshmen orientation, to prepare students for success and increase confidence! Students get to move in early, become familiar with engineering faculty and lab facilities and make new lifetime friends. Current women engineering students mentor and lead the program activities. 

    This program is for KGCOE incoming freshmen and transfer women in the following engineering majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Chemical, Microelectronics, Biomedical, and Exploration. Sample Schedule

    *Registration opens April 1, 2015!*
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