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Abbey BurnsIndustrial & Systems Engineering

My time at RIT was extremely rewarding. I had the opportunity to tutor for the HEOP program, and found a great support system from the people at WE@RIT program, who connected me with my boss at Xerox. In today's business world, it is no longer enough for a company to please their shareholders; so many corporations have shifted towards the "Triple Bottom Line"--People, Planet, and Profit. The Sustainable Engineering program offered a diverse base to prepare me for this new set of challenges. The Co-op office and the College of Engineering are very flexible with co-ops, which enabled me to graduate on time, in 5 years, with 2 degrees--saving me a lot of money! I don't think any of that would have been possible for me at another school.

Abbey DonnerIndustrial & Systems Engineering

I will never forget my time at RIT, and I look back on it fondly.  The vast hands-on learning experiences and enriching co-op opportunities that I was exposed to through the Industrial & Systems Engineering department have helped me to become an adaptable and thorough engineer in the field.  RIT creates an incredibly supportive environment for female engineers which I have not seen duplicated anywhere else!

Alicia CampbellProduct Development

The knowledge and experiences obtained through the MPD program gave me a broader view of how to successfully manage new global products and services across all aspects of the development lifecycle.  By gaining exposure to other business practices and leveraging insights from experienced faculty, I was able to more confidently apply new practices and improve performance in my daily work. Overall, the RIT program provided a challenging and enjoyable environment to learn, exchange ideas, and make lasting business connections and friendships.

Ariana HongComputer Engineering BSMS

When I started in Engineering Exploration at RIT, I was not really sure what I wanted to study. However, it became readily apparent to me that RIT was a place for self-motivated students like myself.  The school provided such a wealth of resources and support for students to help them grow and reach their goals as engineers. Once I decided to join the Computer Engineering department, all of the staff and faculty showed an earnest interest in helping students succeed, some even going out of their way to set up mentors, tutors or interviews to aid in student development. Above all, I love the fast-paced and stimulating environment, the Co-op program, the new experiences, and all that RIT has to offer. 

Beth FischerMechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering department and engineering honors program have provided me with a broad education and a strong background in mechanical engineering.  The honors program in particular provides students with a unique blend of knowledge of many engineering disciplines, and the honors trips to a variety of engineering companies are invaluable.  There are many opportunities to get involved with projects and leadership activities in engineering and these opportunities have enhanced my education greatly.  The faculty and staff are all dedicated to student success and innovation, making RIT and the mechanical engineering department an exciting place to learn.

Brenda LisitanoMechanical Engineering

During my time at RIT I have had the opportunity to be a student member of the KGCOE Ethics Committee. In this capacity, I have been able to weigh in and give a student’s perspective to the faculty members. The student members help shape decisions on university curriculum that incorporate ethical decision making with engineering content and help make changes to the ethics program, leading to an even better RIT.

Eileen KobalChemical Engineering

Being in a new program at RIT, I love how connected the professors are with the students. I always feel like there is somewhere I can go if I need help with an assignment or if I need to have a concept re-explained to me. What I have learned in the classroom has been reiterated with the experiences I've had while on co-op, so it makes me feel like the concepts I am learning will be useful when I enter the workforce full-time. 

Elizabeth DayIndustrial Engineering

RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering provided the strongest education and greatest flexibility to meet my interests and career goals. I combined industrial engineering and sustainable engineering through the BS/ME dual-degree program while gaining real work experience through the co-op program with extraordinary corporations. I was never shorted of any possible experiences and had limitless career opportunities upon graduation. My time at RIT was definitely well spent – I learned the value of dreams, responsibility, innovation and philanthropy plus I’ll always have access to a strong support network! 

Elizabeth KohlIndustrial and Systems Engineering

I have had the best college experience possible at RIT. From the first day, you are able to get right into classes directly related to your major. The class sizes are very reasonable so you get to know both your professors and the other students very well. Having access to unique labs such as the Toyota Production Systems Lab prepared me for several different co-ops, one of which turned into a full time job. I feel extremely prepared to enter the working world after my five years at RIT. I could not imagine going to college anywhere else.

Erika BlissIndustrial and Systems Engineering

My experience at RIT has been a memorable one. Coming in freshman year, I didn’t know anyone, but as the years progress, I feel like I’ve developed a second family here. If you’re ever lost, the faculty and staff are more than willing to help! From the beginning, you’re immersed in the major by having hands-on lab that introduces you to tools that you’ll use in future labs. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved here too! I was fortunate enough to do undergraduate research. Through research, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned in my classes and delve deeper into certain topics. RIT is definitely a place that lets you get involved!

Jamie HowardComputer Engineering

I can't say enough about RIT's computer engineering program.  This program provided me with amazing professional exposure throughout my education and beyond.  Through the co-op program, I was able to apply the skills taught in classes to projects in leading engineering companies around the world.  The year of industry experience which I, as an RIT computer engineer, had upon graduation was also very attractive to employers, and this set me apart from the rest - something vitally important in today's job market.  My favorite aspect of the co-op program was that it provided insight into different job environments and career paths, and let me better determine what I wanted for my own career.  I graduated with industry experience in both hardware and software design, system testing, and device marketing in both large and small companies.  The co-op program, along with industry-driven coursework and professors truly invested in my success, gave me the ability and confidence to pursue my professional goals in engineering, and allowed me to be successful in those endeavors.

Karina RoundtreeMechanical Engineering

My experience here at RIT has been very rewarding. The faculty and staff in the Mechanical Engineering Department have been a blessing. They care so much about their students and push them to do their very best. The classes offered by the department are challenging at times but the knowledge that I have gained from those classes is immeasurable. I will truly miss the various people I have met here at RIT when I leave. 

Kayla WheelerBiomedical Engineering

So far, I absolutely hands down have loved every minute I have spent at RIT. Our advisors and mentors are extremely helpful and flexible in our department. They make sure that everything I want to do and experience can be done with the short time I have here, and believe me it does fly. They are also extremely helpful and supportive when we are searching for coops or internships and jobs. It is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too! RIT is filled with great people, experiences, and opportunities, and for me choosing biomedical engineering at RIT was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Kristi WeaverMechanical Engineering

Attending RIT has been a unique experience. The co-op program is what drew me to RIT and my co-op experiences exceeded my expectations. They prepared me well for my professional career after college and assured me that I had chosen a major I would enjoy and succeed at for years to come. The professors here are always willing to help and take whatever time is necessary to ensure the students fully understand the material. Although the campus is nearly all brick, I still think it's gorgeous and I enjoy using the green spaces for volleyball, Frisbee, etc. If I had the chance to “re-live” my college career I would follow the same path! (Plus, attend a few more RIT hockey games..)

Kristin RobertsMechanical Engineering

RIT has provided me with so many unique opportunities! I had the chance to study abroad for a quarter in Dubai, UAE as well as visit engineering companies in Munich, Germany over spring break through the Honors Program. I spent two summers living in Seattle, WA working at The Boeing Company and gained invaluable “real world” experience. My co-op experiences helped me find where my passions lie within the field of mechanical engineering. Compared to other schools, RIT really prepares its students to be successful in the workplace after graduation.

Lori LiebmanMechanical Engineering

With the one year left at RIT for my undergrad studies I am sad that my time here is already almost over. Time has flown by and I am amazed at how much I learned in four years. I’ve been working in the Machine Tool Lab since I was a freshman and I have had the opportunity to be involved in some really amazing projects. The Mechanical Engineering program opens so many doors and allows the students to learn more than we ever thought we would. I just wish the 5 years didn’t pass by so quickly and I could stay here at RIT!

Maria Eugenia FumagalliSustainable Engineering

My graduate experience at RIT was an unforgettable one. The Sustainable Engineering program prepared me to face the new sustainability challenges in the industry with a holistic systems view. In addition, my involvement in the SHPE at RIT chapter enabled me to extend my professional network and provided me with promising opportunities. The development of my Masters thesis was a rewarding path, and my advisors were a great part for the success of my research. I will be forever grateful to RIT for my 2 years in graduate school!

Shannon McCormickChemical Engineering

Every year that goes by, I become happier with my decision to pick KGCOE at RIT.  My professors and advising staff are always willing to help with homework or projects. Being a four-year athlete, my professors were even willing to cooperate with me and my often hectic schedule. The Career Fair that is organized by the Co-op Office has provided me with opportunities to work for excellent companies such as OSHA and Budweiser. I cannot say enough good things about KGCOE and the Chemical Engineering Department. I am just glad I am in a five-year major because I did not want to leave!

Sheryl DillMechanical Engineering

My experiences in the Mechanical Engineering program definitely left me better prepared for the “real world”. The faculty and staff made the program both fun and challenging while helping me develop into a much better problem solver and team member. Being able to forge relationships with a company made the co-op experiences invaluable and really helped me get to where I am today.

Shimona GorelickElectrical Engineering

When I was searching for colleges I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go to a larger school or a smaller school, but here at RIT I get the best of both. With over 15,000 students on campus, there is so much diversity. Students come from all different backgrounds and there are clubs and organizations to suit everyone’s interests.

Despite the large number of students, my classes in KGCOE have been reasonably sized and my professors have always been more than happy to help answer any of my questions outside of class. This individual attention is something I find very valuable. Furthermore, the co-op program has given me the opportunity to experience various fields of electrical engineering to learn firsthand which path I’d like to pursue. It really takes away the nerves at interviews when I have projects and work experience to bring to the table. I couldn't have asked for a better experience here at RIT and in KGCOE.


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