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ASL and Deaf Literature Winners!

Dear Applicants:

The Deaf-Themed Literary Contest is over now and the winners have been selected by a team of jurors! Many thanks to EACH of you for your sharing your work with us and participating in the contest! As you can see from the winning entries, creating Deaf themed literary works in English and/or ASL become an artistic celebration of Deafhood!

Here is the list of the winners with links to their winning works.

Winners for ASL Literature:

NOTE: Video and documents take time to load depending on the internet speed and file size.

Ruthie Jordan: "Stop Eugenics" (ABC/Number Story)
Alexandria Rutowski: "Communication Breakdown at Horseback Riding Camp" (Number Story)

Winners for Deaf Literature:

Raymond Luczak: "Orphans" (poetry)
Mary Thornley: "Lost Atlantis," (memoir)
Patty Kenney: "Cubby" (Children's story)

NOTE: all materials are copyrighted by the creators / authors of the work. If you desire to reproduce, please contact the creator / author for permission.

Congrats to all of you for creating work about the Deaf experience.

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