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The Bob Cato Archive stands ‘for the record’

thumbnail imageBy Marcia Morphy

San Francisco: The late 1960s. Janis Joplin mailed a large bright orange envelope to Bob Cato at Columbia Records in New York and put a series of six floating hearts above his name.

The vice president of creative services at CBS/Columbia wasn’t deterred by the lack of postage and the word “Collect” across the envelope. He hired underground cartoonist Robert Crumb to ... (more)

Truth in advertising

Software engineering professor examines hidden costs of mobile ads

thumbnail imageBy Scott Bureau

As the old adage goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch—especially when it comes to “free” mobile apps, according to recent findings by Mei Nagappan, an assistant professor of software engineering at RIT.

In the past five years, mobile advertising—including banner ads and pop-up video ads—has become a popular way for developers to make money from mobile apps. By 2017, ... (more)

FoodShare@RIT: Reducing waste while helping the hungry

thumbnail imageBy Greg Livadas

A new initiative has begun on campus that will help end food waste while helping students who may be struggling to pay for food.

The FoodShare program is two-pronged. First, an RIT FoodShare page was created on Facebook, where organizers of events on campus can post photos and information about leftover food free for the taking.

Secondly, the RIT FoodShare Center recently opened ... (more)

Liberal Arts Navigator pinpoints students’ academic interests

thumbnail imageBy Vienna McGrain

Reports show that students in technical fields can readily enhance their academic portfolios by adding courses in the social sciences, humanities and the arts. But identifying courses that align with a student’s professional goals can be challenging for those unfamiliar with liberal arts. With the launch of a new digital tool, RIT’s College of Liberal Arts has virtually taken the “guesswork” ... (more)

New elective course on drone photography takes flight

thumbnail imageBy Rich Kiley

The seeds of a new elective course in aerial photography and videography at RIT were planted more than 50 years ago when Frank Cost began accompanying his father to fly model airplanes on a farm near Syracuse, N.Y.

“Both of my parents were flyers and were born in 1927, the year that (Charles) Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean,” said Cost, the ... (more)

The Harmonica and the Blues

Musical and tech grooves emerge from multidisciplinary course

thumbnail imageBy Michelle Cometa

A new course being offered at RIT this spring blends a history of America’s most iconic music with an understanding of the tiny instrument that’s come to symbolize its sound.

The Harmonica and the Blues, taught by Center for Multidisciplinary Studies senior lecturer and local musician Thomas Hanney, highlights the history of the harmonica. The special topics course also reflects his love ... (more)