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Diversity campaign wins advertising award

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The RIT Campus Week of Dialogue poster campaign “Intolerance Can Be Hard to Recognize” won a 2010 LADDY Award in the non-traditional advertising campaign category. The awards are given annually by the Rochester Advertising Federation to recognize excellence in advertising among professional organizations. 

“We are all proud of the recognition,” says Amanda Kelley, campaign co-designer, and associate director, Student Auxiliary Services. “The campaign pushed the envelope a bit and was one of the first of this caliber in expanding awareness of diversity on campus.”

The poster campaign was developed to expose the internal biases that individuals may have, despite their outward acceptance of diversity. Posters were featured as part of the Campus Week of Dialogue, an annual event sponsored by the President’s Commission on Pluralism and Inclusion. 

There are 10 posters in the series. The main images in the posters hide subtle messages that can only be read with “truth glasses,” Kelley explained. Truth glasses are made with a filtered lens that allows the background message to show through on the original picture when viewed.

Seven awards were also granted to RIT students, who took home all of the Rochester Advertising Federation student awards including four ADDY awards, the show’s highest honor for non-professionals.