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Pollution Prevention Institute awards funding for R&D projects

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The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute has awarded approximately $419,000 to fund research and development projects focused on applied research designed to stimulate solutions that will help New York state companies remain competitive while reducing their environmental footprint.

NYSP2I, as part of its ongoing research and development program, annually solicits proposals from faculty and staff at the institute’s partner universities—Clarkson University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University at Buffalo, and Rochester Institute of Technology—that support both short- and long-term strategic research intended to drive innovative green technologies for organizations to implement. NYSP2I’s efforts are driven by business and organizational needs and are designed to solve specific issues where the solutions result in transferable practices and technologies.

Current research and development priorities include the elimination or substitution of toxic chemicals, overall waste reduction, and energy-and-water efficiency opportunities in priority manufacturing sectors, as well as projects primarily benefiting the Buffalo area.

Projects were selected based on their potential to reduce the environmental footprint of businesses in an effective and economical way.