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If RIT students hope to hear these words in today’s competitive job market, professional work experience is crucial, according to RIT’s Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services. RIT has always believed in the importance of experiential learning, and that’s why many students are accepting their dream jobs months before they graduate. Not only can RIT students get the positions they want, they’re also more knowledgeable about what they like and dislike when searching for a job.

“There’s no doubt that 20 years ago having work experience was nice, but today it’s a necessity,” says Manny Contomanolis, associate vice president and director of RIT’s Office of Coop­erative Education and Career Services. “Whether you do an internship, co-op, community service or study abroad, it will give you an advantage when applying for jobs.”

In fact, many of today’s employers place added value on an applicant’s experience, in addition to his or her college, grades or major, according to a survey commissioned by The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace.

We highlight a few students who were able to land their dream jobs before graduating, using hard work, job experience and the support of an RIT education.

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By the Numbers in 2012

  • 95 percent of recent RIT grads were employed or in graduate school six months after graduation
  • 4,176 students completed 6,247 quarters of co-op with 2,200 employing organizations
  • Students generated earnings in excess of $33 million while on co-op in 2012
  • After completing a co-op, more than 50 percent of students receive a job offer