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Randy McFadden, new media marketing, Saunders College of Business

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His blog site Strictly Business says it all: Randy McFadden is a serious fellow— serious about academics, his career aspirations in new media marketing and his future.

But under the academic seriousness is also collegiate fun, and McFadden found a way to stroll through a successful four years at RIT as easily as he does the merengue. It took time management, reliance on mentors and peers, and an interest in learning all he could about new media.

“I wanted to get into business, and new media marketing seemed the most creative side,” McFadden said. “I definitely saw myself doing that as a career.”

He had explored different career paths while in high school and participated in an open house on campus. Once he learned of the Rochester City Scholars program, he and his parents were confident that RIT would be the place that could provide new opportunities.

“And they didn’t mind that RIT was close to home,” he added, laughing.

Throughout his time at RIT, he participated in campus activities such as business plan competitions, RIT’s 2011 world-record dodgeball event and helping to run the Relief for Beni campaign to assist flood victims in Beni, Bolivia. He did co-op experiences in RIT’s Applied Entrepreneurship Program working on building a nonprofit start-up business, where he worked as the project’s marketer.

But when the lights go up, seriousness gives way when a salsa starts to play. For the past two years, McFadden has been part of the RIT Latin Rhythm Dance Club. This past winter, the club won the 2014 Unification multicultural talent competition, sponsored by RIT’s Global Union organization.

“Without the scholarship, I may not even be at RIT,” said the fourth-year student in Saunders College of Business.