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A Day of Discovery

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Imagine a drag race with electric vehicles. Imagine playing with motion-control technology to explore the solar system. Imagine sitting for a 3-D portrait while others line up to catch a glimpse of the workplace of the future.

These are the experiences that will be discovered by visitors to Imagine RIT: Innovation and ... more »

Winds of change

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Silicon Valley. The Big Apple. Singapore. It’s location, location, location for young entrepreneurs striving for success.

So what would a team of RIT innovators find promising in dairy farms located in Kosovo?

The region in southeast Europe has been ravaged by wars and political instability for centuries. “It could take at least 10 ... more »

Alumni are conduits of life-saving donations

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Mark Lohkamp Jr. greeted the donor’s body with silent respect before getting to work. He located the saphenous vein that snaked up the body’s leg from foot to groin and edged a swath of tissue around the long blood vessel. He removed the muscle protecting the vein and packaged it for ... more »


thumbnail imageMomentum for RIT’s new arena stems from a boyhood love of hockey more »

Eugene Fram still means business

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Eugene Fram started teaching at RIT’s downtown campus in 1957 and has no regrets about working at the same university for 51 years.

“My vocation was my avocation,” Fram says. “Getting up to go to work was a pleasure; the students always gave me a ... more »

All in the family

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When Erik Ellingson was searching for colleges, he did what every other student does—browsed the Internet and talked to his high school advisor. The Missoula, Mont., native knew he wanted to study photography, and RIT fit all of his requirements.

Erik, now a third-year photography major, can thank his grandfather and great-grandfather ... more »

Reading, writing & playing

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For RIT freshmen, there has always been an Internet ramp onto the information highway. Amazon has never been just a river in South America, and websites and cell phones have always been around.

That’s according to the Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2015. Each year the college looks at ... more »