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Turning wastewater into drinking water

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Eric Lannan ’11 (mechanical engineering) and Jeff Lodge arrived at Monroe County’s Frank E. Van Lare Wastewater Treatment Plant in Irondequoit, N.Y., one day with a dozen empty jugs in the back of Lodge’s green Subaru.

The graduate student and RIT biology professor were studying microalgae’s potential as a biofuel and they ... more »

Focus on fellowship for Pulitzer winners

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When Robert Bukaty ’82 was growing up, he accompanied his father, a photographer for the Buffalo Courier-Express, on photo assignments.

One of them was the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Bukaty had just been accepted to RIT and his dad agreed to cover the Olympics if ... more »

Small chips, big impact

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The smaller the computer chip, the larger the network of RIT graduates developing the powerhouse devices.

More than 1,000 RIT microelectronic engineering alumni are working in prominent semiconductor companies on the smallest of chips being incorporated in products from cars and computers to mobile phones and medical ... more »

99 things to do before you graduate

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College students strive for three things: good grades, sleep and fun.

The good grades are up to the students. As for sleep, well, most aren’t going to sacrifice a good time for a few hours of rest.

That leaves fun.

Bob Bresson ’90 (photography) loved going to hockey games when he attended RIT, and ... more »

You Made What?

A camera on the International Space Station. The Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. Sandals. The Chevy Volt. A website dedicated to helping slave victims. Children’s books. Music. These are just a few of the items that have a little bit of RIT inside. Meet the graduates who made them and find ... more »