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Photos of downtown campus

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Alvis Upitis ’68 (photo science) sent these photos of the downtown campus. He wanted to document college life for his parents. The sunrise photo, bottom, was shot after an all-nighter studying for an exam. Upitis lives in Hawaii and continues to work as a photographer.

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Happy to move to Henrietta

I was a member of the last freshman class to start on the old campus—in September 1967.

I enjoyed your article in the Spring 2017 issue of The University Magazine explaining RIT’s rationale to move to Henrietta. However, one obvious reason was omitted—student safety. Three years before I came to RIT, the ... more »

Memories of downtown campus

I came to RIT in 1955 as a freshman in the photo science department from my home in College Park, Md. Arriving at the Spring Street dorm, I found many willing hands to help me cart my belongings to a fourth-floor room. I remember that the iron stair posts were embossed ... more »

Member of first junior class on Henrietta campus

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I started at RIT in 1966 at the downtown campus. I loved the experience of going to college in a downtown environment. I made many new friends and had a wonderful time.

I was in the first class on the new campus in Henrietta as a junior. They were still building and ... more »

Thank you for Tiger Love story

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I am an alumna, social work 1989. Although this program no longer exists, I feel that the education I received at RIT was truly the very best. The social work faculty and program were a very positive experience for me, even though I did not live on the RIT campus when ... more »