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Romance percolates over a cup of coffee

thumbnail imageWilma (Tessmann) Nantka ’52 and Thomas Nantka ’50 have been married for 60 years. more »

Artist turned developer puts quality first

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Giorgio Furioso ’73 (art and design) has a history of doing the unexpected.

Instead of attending graduate school at Yale, he followed the woman he was married to at the time to Rochester Institute of Technology because he could teach ceramics while getting an MFA in painting.

He quit his tenured job as ... more »

Behind-the-scenes company breaks out

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When Mike Champlin ’91 (film and video) needed a name for his video production company, he turned to an 1897 play.

“I wanted the focus to be on the product and on the client, not on me, as the production company,” says Champlin about DeBergerac Productions. The name “DeBergerac” comes from the ... more »

Grad’s business builds brains

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In one room, students are learning how to clean up their diets to rejuvenate their bodies. In the next, they are on computers following along with a lecture on the basics of social media. This is the scene at Rochester Brainery. Founded by Stephanie Rankin and Danielle Raymo, and opened on ... more »