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‘Bra fairy’ helps support homeless women

thumbnail imageWhen Dana Marlowe was a student at RIT, she studied women who took off their clothes in strip clubs. Today, she devotes her free time to helping women get dressed. more »

Entrepreneur’s latest venture stops robocalls

thumbnail imageAaron Foss developed technology that stops robocalls from telemarketers and has blocked more than 109 million automated calls. more »

Learning is lifelong pursuit for alumnus

thumbnail imageKurt Kreckel may have graduated from RIT more than 40 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from coming back to learn a thing or two. more »

Graduate helps create movement of hope

thumbnail imageThe Hope Is Project is a transmedia art experiment that uses photography and film to discover hope in people’s lives and spark change. more »

Tapping leads to True Authentic Power

thumbnail imageJoanne Jaworski ’80 realized she was suffering from emotional “dis-ease,” and found a way to change her life through her fingertips. more »

Alumnus turns personal pain into purpose

thumbnail imageAfter two bouts with cancer, David Fuehrer founded his own company and joined Stupid Cancer, the largest U.S.-based charity that supports young adult cancer patients. more »

Friendship turns to love three decades later

thumbnail imagePaul Schechtman ’81 and Pam Evans Schechtman ’81 became good friends at RIT but lost touch in the 1980s. They reconnected in 2011 and married in 2013. more »