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EBay buys graduate’s start-up company

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The business, like so many startups in Silicon Valley, began with three people in an apartment building.

Ted Dziuba ’06 (computational math) was one of them. They were creating an online shopping website,, that tracks real-time availability and prices of products in local stores.

The site was launched in January 2010. Milo ... more »

Graduate chases his dreams with cycling documentary

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A 10-year high school reunion started the chain of events that led to a critically acclaimed documentary about the 2009 Tour de France.

Jason Berry ’92 (graphic design) had been working at a windsurfing shop in Delaware in the summer and a ski shop in upstate New York in the winter. At ... more »

International pilots discover RIT connection

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Captain Gary Rishel and First Officer Tony Rohloff were chatting one day while training to fly the Boeing 777.

Rishel asked Rohloff where he went to school.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Rishel remembers saying when he found out the answer was RIT. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Rishel ’72 (business administration) and Rohloff ... more »

Magazine photo editor shares success tips with students

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No matter what the topic—health, travel or politics—Rebecca Simpson Steele has built a career conceptualizing and sharing stories through images.

Steele ’02 (applied photography), deputy photo editor at Prevention magazine, returned to her alma mater in January to speak on a panel along with other photography alumnae.

With the challenging job market, students ... more »

Alumnus builds female-customer trust at car repair shop

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Imagine a car repair shop that has a “Ladies Appreciation Day”—where your car gets pampered with an oil change or state inspection while its owner gets a therapeutic chair massage or skin care advice from Mary Kay services.

From day one, Jerry Elman, president of Schoen Place Auto in East Rochester, determined ... more »