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Graduate celebrates decades later

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On May 20, David Johnson walked across the stage at commencement and accepted his degree.

Like the hundreds of other graduates, his proud family cheered and celebrated his accomplishment. That achievement, though, was completed more than 20 years ago.

Johnson, 75, finished his ... more »

Making liberal arts matter

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Samir Nazir ’10 was working as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry in Texas when he decided he wanted to get a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies so he could have an impact on how energy is consumed by transportation.

He Googled transportation, public policy and ... more »

A taste of home

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When Holly O’Neill has a bad day, she slips into her RIT sweatpants, NTID hoodie and slipper socks and snuggles with her fuzzy blankets and pillows in her dorm room.

Lori Karker, who will be starting her fourth year this fall as an international studies major, ... more »

Tunnels tell stories of the times

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If the walls of the tunnels underneath the residence halls could talk, they would tell you a story—a story that connects generations of RIT students to each other and to the social issues of the time.

For nearly 30 years, the brick and mortar walls of ... more »

Lost art

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Tony Zanni ’07 (graphic design) opens a drawer from a cabinet built at the turn of the 20th century and pulls out a piece of wood type.

“That looks good, let’s use that,” says Zanni, who has more than 150 wood typefaces and more than 600 cases ... more »

Ideas with impact

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Sean Petterson and Justin Hillery noticed that construction workers building Global Village on campus last fall were struggling to lift large stones. And they had an idea.

“We were looking for problems we could fix,” says Petterson, a third-year industrial design major from Long Island who had met Hillery hours earlier ... more »