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Meet RIT’s pioneers

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They have worked under four RIT presidents. They remember the early days of Brick City surrounded by countryside. They have touched the lives of thousands of students.

Meet a few of RIT’s pioneers. They are the faculty and staff members who continue to work full time after more than 40 years. They ... more »

Extreme makeover at 6 Sibley Place

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Each year, Gerald McCue grabs some of the biggest 100-year-old peonies that are behind the mansion he owns at 6 Sibley Place and lays them near the stone of Emily Sibley Watson’s gravesite at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

“We have our own little conference where I say to her, ‘Emily, I’m back and ... more »

A new approach to online learning at RIT

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Web design and development. Business and management. Data analytics. Beers of the world.

These are some of the leading topics alumni say they would like to learn more about. And they’d like to do that learning through RIT Online.

RIT has long had a strong offering of online courses. But RIT Online, launched ... more »

Alumni volunteers forge new connections

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When Graydon Pleasants of Winston-Salem, N.C., was researching colleges, he wanted to talk to someone who could give him an insider’s perspective on RIT.

So he emailed Mike Pail ’98 (engineering) and Sue Pail ’98 (engineering), who are leaders of the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., alumni chapter. They met for lunch and Pleasants gained ... more »

First in Their Class

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When Shannon McCormick ’13 entered RIT, she knew she wanted to be an engineer but she didn’t know what kind. McCormick sampled different engineering offerings through the Engineering Exploration Program in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. When she learned more about chemical engineering, she was energized by the options in ... more »

Perfecting the Performing Arts on Campus

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As an RIT student, Jon Roberts ’70 (imaging science) had an obvious affinity for science, successfully navigating through rigorous academic course loads each quarter. But, being raised around New York City and Broadway, he always had a love for singing, performing and playing music.

Today, Roberts, the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus from the ... more »

New formula for math education

thumbnail imageMath education at RIT has evolved from a department that primarily fulfilled requirements for other majors to a school that offers its students rigorous research experiences. more »