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Top NewsAll-female racing team builds community and a car

All-female racing team builds community and a car

When RIT students arrive at the Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in May, they will make history. more »

RIT/NTID grads show who’s boss

thumbnail imageAmong the roughly 1,200 self-reported deaf business owners in the United States, RIT/NTID graduates make up nearly one-fifth of that number. more »

Finding hidden text in historical documents

thumbnail imageProfessor Roger Easton is the go-to guy for imaging manuscripts, maps, musical scores and other cultural artifacts in various states of deterioration. more »

Learning from experience

thumbnail imageRIT is partnering with Uncommon Schools to help prepare students for college. more »

Crowdfunding fuels innovation

thumbnail imageStudents, faculty and staff are eligible to apply to crowdfund through RIT, but projects have to be driven by students and directly benefit the RIT community. more »