Daniela Jorge ’94, ’97 (industrial design, computer graphics design)

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Current position: Vice president, digital design and user experience at AT&T (since April 2014); previously, senior director, head of design, core site, eBay

Career path: Since graduating from RIT, Jorge has found opportunities in web design and user experience design for number of well-known companies including Kodak, Kaiser Permanente, Intuit, Yahoo!, eBay and, most recently, AT&T. “I enjoy changing industries. I try to look for ways to put my skills to work in new arenas.”

At AT&T, she leads a team of 300 people located across the U.S. After 3 1/2 years at eBay, where she headed a group of 70 designers and researchers, she was ready to try something new. “This seemed like a good challenge.” Plus, in her interviews at AT&T, she was impressed with the consistency of vision expressed by executives.

Jorge also shares her design and user experience expertise as a board adviser for GetNinjas, a Brazilian startup company providing a marketplace for services ranging from home renovations and cleaning to private lessons and photography.

She says that companies have become increasingly aware of the importance of design as they focus on the user experience. “I talk to a lot of venture capitalists, and they look for strong designers when considering companies to invest in.”

“This (user experience design) is a great field to be in. I hear from head hunters on a daily basis.”

On the Bay Area: Jorge moved to California in 1999 after working three years at Kodak in Rochester. A friend in the Bay Area encouraged her to come west. “That’s when the bubble was happening in the Valley.”

She loves the weather and natural beauty of the area (“of course”), coupled with the vibrant urban life of San Francisco. But the key, for her, is the cultural diversity. “When I walk down the main street in Mountain View, English is only one of maybe 10 languages I hear.”

Remembering RIT: Jorge applied to Carnegie Mellon University and RIT and was accepted by both. Her visit to RIT was the deciding factor; she had the opportunity to visit classes, talk to faculty and students. She saw students working on real-world projects for companies. “That was a huge draw.”

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Currently resides in: Mountain View, Calif.

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