Ed Wolf ’09 (computer engineering)

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Current position: Technology Partner at Facebook since August 2013.

“I work in the intersection of engineering and business. I work with people across the entire company to understand their needs and then build and implement the technologies that make their jobs more seamless.”

“I firmly believe in the mission of Facebook, to connect people. There’s a lot of opportunity. The culture is unlike any other I’ve worked for. I’m very happy here.”

Career path: Since graduation from RIT, Wolf has worked as software engineer for Fidelity Investments and as an IT business analyst/product manager for Time Inc., where he helped create mobile apps and websites for People, Time and Sports Illustrated.

Prior to joining Facebook, he was product manager at Long Tail Video and helped develop the JW Player, an HTML5/Flash video player.

On the Bay Area: “Out here, it’s a lot of hard work, it’s competitive, challenging, a lot of very smart people focused on making technology better. It’s a lot like RIT.”

Remembering RIT: “RIT motivated me to continually push the boundaries of technology, and not be afraid to tackle seemingly impossible problems. My engineering courses taught me how to build things and solve problems. My business classes taught me how to empathize with business users by helping me to better understand their role and motivations within an organization.”

Hometown: Born in the Bronx, Wolf grew up in Newtown, Conn.

Currently resides in: Pacific Heights, San Francisco

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