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Each issue of News & Events will feature a project to be showcased at Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival on May 3. This week’s spotlight:

Human Everyday Movement: Behavior as Dance

Presenter: Thomas Warfield, NTID Performing Arts, with participation from student members of the RIT/NTID Dance Company.

Brief description: The interactive workshop and demonstration utilizes gestures we use everyday (brushing hair, tying shoes, putting on a coat, etc.) to help provide context for creating new and innovative meaning and understanding about non-verbal communication through the abstraction of real habitual movement shared by humans in many cultures and societies. People passing by will be encouraged to become participants with student members of the RIT/NTID Dance Company. Warfield will guide participants to manipulate gestures into more abstract movement building intention and meaning to ultimately create a dance.

How is the exhibit creative and/or innovative: According to Warfield: “This is creation in the moment. It is innovative because it breaks the artist and audience barrier by allowing the audience to become the artist as well. One of the true outcomes is that the participant will discover their own innate potential for creativity. Through this transformative movement workshop, easily accessible to all with or without dance experience and to people of all abilities, a greater appreciation for and comprehension of the art of dance and the shared creative process is made visible.”

Exhibit experience for visitors: This demonstration gives both participants and audience viewers an insight to the creative process and their potential as creators and innovators.

For more information on the Innovation and Creativity Festival, visit www.rit.edu/imagine.


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