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Sept. 20, 2012
Photo by Adam DeTour ’06

Isaiah Thomas himself made a surprise appearance at the 2012 Isaiah Thomas Awards honoring the American Antiquarian Society, a national research library that Thomas founded. He gave an impassioned history lesson on his life during the colonial period. He said: “It was in Nova Scotia that I first began fighting for the rights each American holds as inalienable. First I rallied against the Stamp Act and then later back in Boston for independency from Great Britain. My printing establishment was called the “sedition foundry.” In 1770, I began publishing a new newspaper for the middling class, entitled the Massachusetts Spy. It soon became the most widely read paper in all the colonies! In it I published the first eyewitness accounts of the battles of Lexington and Concord. I have always believed in a free and unfettered press. Should the liberty of the press be once destroyed, farewell the remainder of our invaluable rights and privileges!”

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