RIT Launches New Journal Designed to Foster Scholarship, Build Relationships

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter There is a new forum to showcase worldwide scholarship in applied science and engineering technology—and it’s being launched at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Technology is scheduled to publish its first edition this spring and has already put out calls to both RIT faculty and professionals in the applied sciences and engineering technology communities.

“We’re filling a niche,” says telecommunications associate professor Chance Glenn, who serves as the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed publication. “There are only a couple, at most, other journals that focus on these areas. We’re giving people in these fields an opportunity to publish some of their great work.”

The publication will not focus entirely on research. There will also be an opportunity to highlight things that are going on within the classroom setting.

In addition to fostering scholarship, the journal also aims to continue to build relationships with industry professionals.

“It’s an opportunity to disseminate work at the highest levels,” Glenn says. “We envision making connections on the commercial industry side of things, not only for soliciting papers, but for reviewers and readers, so that there is a connection of ideas to the point where they are commercialized and used in industry.”

The journal will not only be created on campus, but it will be published on campus as well. It is currently scheduled as one of the first publications to be published by RIT’s new University Press.